Our Impact

World Renewal was founded in 1986 by Gary and Carol Wright, as an outgrowth of their evangelistic and preaching ministry among Evangelical Friends and Community Churches.

Our Impact

  • World Renewal is serving its partners in Brazil, Burundi, Africa, Haiti/ Dominican Republic, Arab World (Mediterranean), Mexico, Cuba, Kenya, India, and preparatory work in Mozambique and Tanzania, Africa. World Renewal’s R.E.N.E.W. ministry serves locally to churches in the USA.
  • WR, including its partnerships, has a staff presence in over 30 countries and has ministered in 52 countries.
  • Since 1990 WR has founded (estimate only because of persecuted countries) 300+ new congregations, two orphanages (Haiti), Northeastern Seminary (Brazil), and many schools while feeding over 1000 children each school day.
  • WR encourages renewal in USA churches, R.E.N.E.W., leading them to Great Commission health by initiatives in prayer, church health assessment, strategic planning, and leadership training that leads to evangelism and discipleship.


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