Our Approach

Empowering Indigenous Leaders

Serving national and church leaders in partnership is the foundation of our ministry. We are called to support and develop these leaders so that they can disciple other leaders. We empower leaders by:

  • Enabling national leaders to develop a vision and strategy and make final ministry decisions for their ministry area.
  • Not owning property or facilities; all property will be owned by national churches or local groups.
  • Developing leaders who make leaders.
  • Equipping through mentoring, coaching, and skills training.
  • Assisting with limited financial support.
  • Assisting in developing networks and partnerships.
  • Modeling servant leadership.
  • Providing spiritual encouragement and inspiration.
  • Using international training teams and not just North Americans.

Training for Biblical Leadership

Effective local churches that make disciples and have a global mission require godly, trained leaders equipped with heart, mind, and skills to guide them. Training leaders to minister to and help develop others is the most important task that we have. We train others through:

  • Assisting with higher education where strategically important. Developing contextually appropriate educational models in partnership with national leaders.
  • Providing solid biblical and theological training that is both practical and theologically sound.
  • Conducting pastors’ conferences, revivals, spiritual renewal meetings, and other special events as needed.
  • Utilizing the learning and communication patterns of other cultures.

Equipping for Church-planting and Discipleship

The Great Commission is to go to the ends of the earth to win the lost and disciple them in loving obedience to become mature followers of Christ. Discipleship happens best through intentional church planting, intentional discipleship to maturity, and being global-minded in our outlook. We equip for discipleship and planting by:

  • Emphasizing being global, reproductive, and self-sustaining from day one.
  • Provide specific training in church-planting, evangelism, and discipleship for both leaders and laity.
  • Facilitating short-term mission teams: work, outreach, ministry, VBS, and prayer.
  • Helping launch and support local church ministries: Celebrate Recovery, Women’s ministries, orphanages, clinics, and the like.
  • Coordinating networking and financial support from North American churches.
  • Evangelistic ministries: revivals, crusades, and spiritual renewal events.
  • Helping local churches in both the US and abroad develop a passion for engaging in missions around the world with their prayers, people, and finances.
  • Serve the local church through preaching, revivals, music ministry, discipleship training, and resources as God provides.

Sharing in Strategic Partnerships

As bearers of God’s image, we were created to find our fulfillment in fellowship with others. We are a part of a global calling that is bigger than any one organization. Working alongside of other organizations, both stateside and internationally, demonstrates biblical community and allows for greater effectiveness and resources in accomplishing the mission. To that end, we seek to develop heart-to-heart partnerships with other organizations that share our mission. We share in partnership with:

  • Entrusting Others
  • Global Impact (Orality in theological education)
  • International Leadership Institute—Georgia, USA
  • Recovery Global Ministry
  • Glory Sports Ministries
  • The Landing
  • RENEW ministries
  • Synseis (consulting for academic theological education institutions)
  • Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region
  • Community Churches of the greater Indianapolis area
  • Gospel Friends –India
  • Kibera Kids—Kenya, Africa
  • Africa Inland Mission—Tanzania, Africa
  • Mercy—Kenya, Africa
  • A.B.E.L –Haiti
  • Genesis—Haiti
  • ABA Christian Camp—Brazil
  • International school—Brazil
  • Northeastern Seminary—Brazil
  • Living Stones—Brazil


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