Places – Africa


There are many growing and exciting opportunities in Africa:

In Kenya, the largest slum in the world, Kibera, is being reached for Christ (contact: Imbumi Makuku through Kenya Mercy Ministries).

They have a school, feeding/school enabling program (Kibera Kids), health education outreaches, and the Shunem Family Home (with gardens, farm, and Hope Community church). (Contact Cindy Neal for more information.)

Tanzania also holds many open doors through the Africa Inland Mission (Contact Dawn Augsbury for more information.).

Assuerio Naque, our World Renewal Brazil missionary, is training and working with leaders all over South Africa. He is mostly focused in Mozambique.

Imbumi Makuku
Kenya National Director

Cindy Neal
Field Representative

Assuerio Naque
Director of WRI South Africa

Dawn Augsbury
Missionary – Tanzania

Annette Wampler
Northern Africa Missionary


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