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A Message from the President

” World Renewal has been blessed by our church and business partners, along with your individual giving during this horrible C-19 Virus pandemic. A couple of our business and church partners have not been able to do their usual giving, or are delayed. This has left World Renewal about $10,000 short for this spring. It did affect the World Renewal payroll for myself. Our international leaders and ministries do no seem affected so far, only the USA office headquarters. Thanks for your blessings to us. We desire to be transparent in our enabling prayer and praise in specific ways. Please look for updates on Operation Food Basket as well. Remember, 100% of these gifts go to feeding children and adults at risk around the world.

Grateful for you,
Gary Wright

New Church Plants-Israel

World Renewal has entered into partnership with two church plants in Israel at the encouragement of Damascus Friends Church, Damascus, OH., as the first sponsor. We are grateful for Dr. Dan Ketchum serving as the representative of these two new congregations to us. He and his wife Carol were the church planters of King of Kins-Herzliya (near Tel Aviv) now led by Pastor Daniel and Jalene Geppert. The new congregation Living Israel-Haifa is a converted strip club serving in a high vice crimes area.

Living Israel-Haifa

Senior Pastor of Living Israel Michael Sadovsky is passionate about raising strong devoted leaders in the Body of Messiah. He has a burning desire in his hear to go after the “lost sheep in the house of Israel”. Especially those who find themselves in bondage of drugs, alcohol, prostitution and poverty.

israle haifa

King of Kings-Herzliya

king of kings in herzliya

King of Kings Community Herzliya is called to be a compelling, Messiah centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yesha (Jesus) to Herzliya, Israel and to the nations.

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Worship Service at King of Kings

We hope you will join us in financially blessing Israel through these church plants. To give, click one of the links below.

Support Living Israel-Haifa
Support King of Kings-Herzliya
worshiping at king of kings

Leadership Focus

tele and heather moraes

Pastor Tele & Heather Moraes

Tele is President of World Renewal Brazil and Vice President of World Renewal. Among many of her duties, Heather has served at the Internation School of Carpina.

Tele & Heather continue to serve in Brazil with great enthusiasm and leadership. God has opened many doors for Brazil because of their faithfulness and vision.

Thankful for all they do for the Kingdom of God!

Support Tele & Heather
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