World Renewal Update & C-Virus Response

Thank You! A Message from the President

You, our support team of prayer, financial donors and church partners have been awesome! Our accounts show little contrast of giving between 2019 and 2020 giving Year-t0-Date. Our church partners have said they will keep their commitments to our leaders, churches and countries around the world. Our greatest needs are for feeding children and adults at risk around the world and here in the USA. Therefore, we are introducing Operation Food Basket. It is designed to feed thousands just as Jesus did. We also must keep our home office functioning well. We have a small paid staff with excellent volunteers. This week and last week, we are beginning to see the dollar crunch. Pray and trust the Lord with us and we with you.

So grateful for you,
Gary Wright

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thristy and you gave me something to drink, “I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prision and you can to visit me.” – Jesus

Operation Food Basket (Choose Country or “Where Most Needed”)

Operation Food Basket is to feed those hungry and at risk. It is also an emergency fund to provide medical and crisis relief. Children must be a priority along with the sick. Today’s Update India: “Kindly keep us in prayers as the count of affected is still raising. More families are going hungry. Millions have not received any salary or wages. We are feeding all over Indian through our native workers.”

getting medial attention during covid

Pastor Ramiro continues to train leaders online, 40+ in the morning, 70+ in the afternoon.

indian man harvesting bananas
Indian family holding food

Easter is over, what now?

During the 40 days after the resurrection, Jesus started “showing up” to be with those he was closest to, but who were so very injured. Mary from Magdala, Peter, Thomas, his brother James, the other disciple, the Emmaus Road disciples. Before leaving earth, He healed them all! Not physical hurts, but deep internal injuries. Many of these were self-inflicted injuries. But that IS who and what He is like. He refused to leave them broken and hurt. That is really who He is and what He is like.

New Church Plants – Israel

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World Renewal has entered into a partnership with two church plants in Israel at the encouragement of Damascus Friends Church, Damascus, OH., as the first sponsor. We are grateful for Dr. Dan Ketchum serving as the representative of these two new congregations to us. He and his wife Carol were the church planters of  King of Kings-Herzliya (near Tel Aviv) now led by Pastor Daniel and Jalene Geppert. The new congregation Living Israel-Haifa is a converted strip club serving in a high vice crime area.

We hope you will join us in financially blessing Israel through these church plants.

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New Dawn Ministries World Renewal

We are excited and thrilled about New Dawn Ministries, Tanzania, Africa. Dawn Augsbury started 5 years ago in Tanzania. Dawn has served along all five years among the Rangi unreached people group. She has a small group of supporters in World Renewal, yet has purchased land, built security walls around the land, making her own bricks from the land. She has now build her house and a school for the children of this community in order to share Christ. We now need teachers and others to join and support this courageous servant. We registered the school and ministry a few weeks ago for $5000 as a non-profit organization. We are hoping to repay World Renewal as we were short on funds. Be a blessing to New Dawn-World Renewal. Teri Oliver of Greenfield leads a women’s prayer group seeking the Lord’s blessing for Dawn. Join the New Dawn team! Start with prayer.

woman working to help build a better future for their children

Educate and Feed the Next Generation

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New dawn ministries
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