Answering the Call

We are pleased to introduce some of the women of World Renewal and the roles they play. Watch upcoming newsletter for more featured stories!

Beth Hartman – USA

Beth is our new Director of Donor Relations and Fund Development. Though her full time job currently is “Mom” she is eager to begin developing stronger relationships between World Renewal (WR) donors, volunteers, advocates and the ministry field. Her goal is to help our constituents grown into strong advocates for WR and our churches by giving them opportunities to grow spiritually through giving, advocacy, and intercession.

Welcome Beth!

beth hartsman

Dawn Augsbury – Tanazania

dawn augsberry
tanzania school systems

Dawn has lived in Kinyasi, Tanzania since the winter of 2015. She lives among the Rangi people who are open to listening to the Gospel. Dawn has started an elementary school where religious curriculum is being taught. A new school is underway for middle and high school age kids. Her dream is to open an Advanced Level Christian School for girls. Please pray for God’s protection and provision for her work, strength, and perseverance to complete the work He has assigned. Pray for teachers and missionaries to join her in TZ.

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Annapaula Snow – Brazil

A native Brazilian and US Citizen, Annapaula moved to the city of Carpuna in the state of Pernambuco in 2018 with her husband and children Isaac (9) and Debora (7) to serve with World Renewal Brazil. Annapaula teaches at the International School in Carpina. She also coordinates the School Bible Clubs and teaches at CEF Brazil Childrens’ Institute where she has served as a missionary for 16 years in New Jersey & now Brazil. We are blessed to have Annapaula serving as a leader at World Renewal.

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annapaula snow

International Translator

international translator

We are blessed to work with this wonderful servant of God. Among the many things she does for the ministry, she translates discipleship training materials into other languages to be recorded for teaching to those who have not heard the Gospel and are illiterate. Please pray for her and her family as they continue to serve in ministry.

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Carol Wright – USA

One of my responsibilities with World Renewal, as Gary’s personal assistant, is offering my assistance to the staff and national leaders in their spiritual formation. My graduate work was in Spiritual formation and leadership. Simply stated studying spiritual tools for growth and how to encourage/coach others in their relationship to Christ. Our push for instant responses is not conducive to pondering thoughts and actions. One question I often ask our staff/leaders is”How would your life respond if you took some moments to ponder?” World Renewal has amazing, gifted, and caring people. They give beyond what is required day after day. I get to hear and sometimes experience staff share those precious God moments of serving. Our lives and those we are ministering with are never the same when God shows up. Those are pondering moments. However, giving relentlessly has a way of draining our source of strength and endurance if we are not continuing to be restored. I believe I offer the opportunity for our staff/leaders to replenish the ‘living waters’ they give to others.

What does my time of spiritual direction look like? Being a spiritual director isn’t just counseling, it isn’t just coaching, and it isn’t just a friendship. It is a little of all of these. We gather in a quiet place (when possible) and lay aside our burdens and responsibilities. We focus on the Lord and ask Him to fill the space we offer. We continue to listen and share what is heavy on our lives.

We talk, laugh, cry and seek what God is telling us. We search Scripture and other sacred readings. I often give homework with a few challenging assignments of life. We work to hear what God has to say when we speak our heart’s desires to Him. It is such a privilege to partake in those moments together.

I am thankful for many decades I have walked with the Lord. I have seen many situations and witnessed challenges that seemed insurmountable become blessings and testimonies of God’s goodness. I love sharing with WR’s leaders and staff. My goal for 2020 is to be more available to encourage those who give relentlessly. Let me say to them, “Come with my by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31.

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carol wright
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