A.B.E.L. Project

The A.B.E.L. project is a micro business to help families with food and support. Each family reached by the A.B.E.L. Project is given a pregnant female goat and a brood of chickens. These animals are purchased in the country, supporting others in the country as well. Each $100 raised will allow us to purchase, transport, train and set-up a family in its own business. All we ask of each family is to give the first born animal to another family.

Local Greenfield, Indiana, businessman Brad Gray traveled to Haiti and was greatly affected by all he had seen. Wanting to help local pastors and the children of Christ Compassion Orphanage, Brad asked World Renewal International what could be done.

World Renewal International believes that the best assistance that can be given is that assistance which enables people to participate in their own rescue. The A.B.E.L. Project was designed to allow the families it helps to prosper in many ways:

As Recipients
A.B.E.L. families receive better nutrition from the milk and eggs given by their animals. In wealthy nations it is hard to understand the blessing something as simple as an egg or bit of cheese truly is, but A.B.E.L. families understand it very well. Receiving these simple gifts model God’s love and provision.

As Givers
Can you imagine? In spite of their great need, these families bless another family with the firstborn animal. The sense of self-worth this gives the family represents their value in God’s eyes and motivates those of us who have more opportunity to be a blessing to others.

As Entrepreneurs
Growing their business through the offspring of the animals they receive from the A.B.E.L. Project, families learn to manage increasing assets and become blessings in the local community. Greater availability of food benefits others in the community, and the A.B.E.L. families can support other local entrepreneurs when they buy goods with their new income.

Would you like to participate in the A.B.E.L. Project? A donation of $100 will completely fund the purchase and transport of animals for one family, as well as paying for the training and setup the family needs. If you can’t give $100, any amount you give for A.B.E.L. will be pooled with other donations and used to fund a family’s agribusiness.


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