• Empowering Indigenous Leaders

    Empowering Indigenous Leaders

    We walk as servants alongside of national and church leaders to equip, empower, and inspire them for maximum fruitfulness in their ministry. We are called to support and develop these… Read more →

  • Teaching for Biblical Leadership

    Teaching for Biblical Leadership

    We provide contextually appropriate models of theological training that lead to fruitful biblical leadership, deeper spiritual wisdom, and effective ministry skills. Disciple-making churches require godly leaders who are called and trained. Training leaders… Read more →

  • Equipping for Church Planting & Discipleship

    Equipping for Church Planting & Discipleship

    We equip national churches to make disciples through intentional church planting, evangelism, ministry to the whole person, and cultivating a global missionary vision. Planting indigenous churches with indigenous leaders is the… Read more →

  • Sharing in Strategic Partnerships

    Sharing in Strategic Partnerships

    We purposefully develop heart-to-heart partnerships with other organizations, in the U.S and abroad, in order to strategically share resources and model biblical community.

April is Living Stones Month!

Living Stones LENDS. The first letter stands for love, the greatest commandment. We have found that a practical way to show love to the impoverished children in Brazil is through celebration: we celebrate their birthdays (many for the first time) and special holidays like Easter, Mother’s day, Children’s day, and Christmas. When day-to-day survival is your focus, there is no… Read more →

Mexico 2012 Summer

Pastor Ramiro Martinez and Claudia, and David and Carla Martinez continue their church planting in the greater Mexico City area. Here is Pastor Ramiro’s summer report:  ”With great blessings and success, we had our Summer Bible School. It is always a joy to work together and see the wonders that God does during this time Over 260 children enjoyed food,… Read more →